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Get the Space You Need With The Best Storage North Ockendon

Mobile Self Storage North Ockendon RM14

north ockendon furniture storage rm14Storage North Ockendon helps bring easy storage option right to your doorstep. Our self storage options are available both for long term as well as short term needs. We provide the most time efficient services in comparison to the traditional or other storage options. Storage units are brought to your place where you can load your belongings into them and lock it. No more worrying about transporting your goods to our facility. Mobile self storage is by far the easiest of the modern storage solutions and is a trusted method for storing your goods without having to pay through your nose.

Self Storage North Ockendon RM14

north ockendon storage service rm14There is a vast demand for secure and reliable self storage facility. The moment you get accustomed to our services, you realize why our services have become so popular expeditiously when it comes to self storage services. Reliability is our forte and whether you are moving out, or heading off somewhere far, our RM14 storage services can be counted on to deliver timely services. We are focused on providing everyone with the best self storage facility available to them in the city. Not only are our services unrivalled and second to none in terms of quality, but also our self storage options offer impressively remarkable prices.

Home Storage North Ockendon RM14

north ockendon domestic storage rm14If you require immediate services with regards to storing your precious and loved belongings as you are renovating your home, or travelling abroad where taking all your stuff along is not an option, home storage is the solution to all your worries. You can be sure to trust our domestic storage that has established itself as one of the most professional and trusted companies in the city. Our storage facilities give you the option to store your belongings for as long as you want. If you are worried about transporting your goods to our depot, don’t. Our North Ockendon mobile self storage unit can be brought to your house for collection and then transferred to the nearest storage depot safely.

Business Storage North Ockendon RM14

north ockendon office storage rm14North Ockendon business storage service is an established company that provides storage solutions to businesses and corporate offices. Companies that are often moving offices or sizing down, can depend on our office storage service. Record chronicling, offsite storage and remote warehousing are among the best features of self storage facility. Our facility equips your business to store (remotely) the goods you don’t need, freeing up much valuable office space. We have flexible duration plans where you can choose to store goods by options of weeks, months or years. Moreover, our innovative storage option for offices and businesses is an amazing alternative where it comes to storing your possessions.

Student Storage North Ockendon RM14

rm14 temporary storage north ockendonStudents generally need storage services during summer and other vacation times and due to non- availability of cheap storage facilities, students end up paying huge amounts of money as rent or security just to be able to store their possessions. RM14 student storage services are now available in your area to address that very problem. Our services are remarkably cheaper and in accordance with the needs of the students with respect to their finances. Self storage has unique storage options for students where you only pay for the space you need to store your valuables without burning a hole in your pocket.

Secure Storage North Ockendon RM14

rm14 secure site storage north ockendonNorth Ockendon secure storage RM14 is the best answer to storing your belongings in the safest manner possible. You could hire our self storage services as long as you require them. Unfailing security is on job to ensure that your stuff stays as safe as a Bank Vault! Our storage facility is the most ideal and economical alternative to store your voluminous and or surfeit belongings that are taking up extra space at your place. So, remember, the secure nature of our self storage units and rooms means that you can now store the most precious of your belongings without having to worry about their security and safety.

Self Storage Units North Ockendon RM14

north ockendon storage space rm14Personal Spaces are important to us, but we often end up compromising with that space by filling it up with stuff we don’t need or rather need occasionally. We end up lacking the kind of space we need and start regretting buying so many things. However, by using self storage units, you never have to compromise with your space again. Our storage units in North Ockendon, RM14 are very well maintained, immune to dampness, and extremely reliable in terms of security and safety of your goods. Self storage comes bearing the merit of a budget service charging reasonable prices for unfaltering services. Our storage space will ensure that you can easily free up some space back at your place without having to let go of the things that you bought with so much enthusiasm once.

Self Storage Rooms North Ockendon RM14

north ockendon furniture storage rm14If you have a lot of possession that you are looking to store somewhere, you might be in need of one of our spacious North Ockendon self storage rooms. Our rooms are free from dirt and dampness and everything that can spoil or damage your things. You don’t need to lose sleep over security of your possessions in our storage facility as our storage space has round the clock security and meets the highest order of safety measures. To top it all, we offer the most reasonable prices for our services without compromising on the quality. So if you are looking for storage rooms for domestic or commercial purposes, we are just a phone call away.

Storage North Ockendon

rm14 storage firm north ockendonOur self storage in RM14 are meant to provide an affordable avenue to those looking for a great storage service for reasonable prices. Our storage facility is a consummate provision for storing all your beloved possessions for which you don’t have space to store. What if you had your very own personal space that is cheaper than the standard storage options, where you kept the things you own but rarely use? And what if you were provided a personal key to access your belongings whenever you needed them? And what if these places could not only be neat and well-kept but also secure and safe and that too for reasonable prices? If you are looking for any of these features, self storage company is the answer for all your storage queries.

Storage North Ockendon at Prices Everyone Can Afford

All of our storage North Ockendon options are reasonably priced for your benefit. Call today to find out more.

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £17,50 £70 £210 £420
2x 35 sq ft units £35 £140 £420 £840

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

–°lients Say

Rory Palmer


My company sometimes deals with rather expensive equipment. We trust Secure Storage North Ockendon because they are the most secure storage company in the area.

A. Jefferson


Excellent experience hiring safe storage with Storage Facility North Ockendon. I had some very personal and precious belongings that I needed to store and the staff were very supportive and discreet which I really appreciated.

Ted N.


I was amazed that storing items could be so easy, but Site Storage North Ockendon were just so impressive! They sent me a mobile self storage unit on a weekend, which was the only time I was available. Once it arrived (it was very punctual) all I needed to do was fill it with my items and lock it. It was collected promptly and put away securely. This is an extra-safe way to store items and it's much easier than traditional storage!

Liam McDonald


Secure Storage North Ockendon are very well organised and everything went without a glitch for us. Have also been very impressed with the prices offered and are already considering leaving our items in storage a little longer to give us a bit more breathing space - but only because of how affordable this company is! They definitely have the best self storage prices in the area.

Rosey Piper


It isn't every day that I write an online review but I felt Secure Storage North Ockendon deserves one. They provided the best secure storage facilities I have ever used. I have utilised a couple of firms in the past and was never too impressed with their security measures. This firm blew them away by doing everything right. I was never worried about my goods and no problems ever occurred. They are the perfect storage firm.



For me, having a storage unit is very important because of the lack of storage space I have in my home. I always use StorageNorthOckendon because of how safe their units are. I don't need to worry about anything when my items are in storage here, as the staff work hard and use top-of-the-range equipment to keep all the units safe and secure. This is how storage should be!

Barry J.


I've been teaching from home for many years during which time I have accumulated a lot of paperwork for each student. In my many years' experience, I can lose touch with a student for a long time and then they contact me again. For that reason, I keep all their essays and exam papers forever! Because I don't really want them cluttering up my home, I use the storage facility that StorageNorthOckendon has in my local area. Their prices are unbelievably cheap and they are completely reliable! I would always recommend them to anyone.

Rob Wright


I've had a very positive experience with using StorageNorthOckendon. Security, probably like others, was my number one priority and I have been very reassured by seeing my local storage facility firsthand. It is always nice to feel appreciated and on that score as well this storage firm have scored top marks for me.

Contact Information

Company name: Storage North OckendonLtd.
Telephone: 020 3744 1715
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 15 Warley Street, Upminster
Postal code: RM14 3PJ
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: 51.5903460 Longitude: 0.2586030
E-mail: office@storagenorthockendon.co.uk
Description: Call us on 020 3744 1715 for a free quote on the useful metal storage containers RM14 and corporate storage facilities we have in North Ockendon, Harold Hill, Noak Hill, Upminster, Bulphan, Harold Wood, Hornchurch, etc.
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